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  • Offers a prescription for critical thinking about psychotropic medications and a more balanced evaluation of the "prescription situation" based on ethical codes of practice of medical and non-medical helping professions.
  • Aims to sharpen critical skills of mental health and child welfare professionals assessing and practicing with children and adolescents who may be medicated with psychiatric drugs.
  • Tries to close gaps between research and practice to maximize opportunities to help clients and avoid harm
  • Emphasizes the ethical dictate: "First, do no harm" and recommends:
    • Use of psychotropic medications that have been reported to have serious adverse effects in children - including death - should be halted as first-line interventions until research demonstrates that both short- and long-term benefits outweigh the already known risks.
    • Psychosocial interventions for children's behavioral problems have been empirically-validated and should be implemented as first-line interventions.

All investigators and consultants have agreed to forego pharmaceutical industry funding for the entire duration of this project in order to reduce financial conflicts of interest.

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